What is Arka Inventory ?

Add-On to QuickBooks Online with Multi Location Inventory and Manufacturing BoM

Arka Inventory is an enterprise management application built on Salesforce Cloud Platform. Arka Inventory helps in digitizing and automating procurement, warehousing, production, sales, fulfillment and accounting operations of the business.

Unlike traditional ERP Systems which are very complex and time consuming for implementation, Arka brings in the advantages of a truly simple, easy to use software which can be implemented very Quickly.

Arka automates all the accounting entries and posts the entries into QuickBooks Online.

Achieve complete visibility to your business through insightful reports and dashboards. Build your own reports and dashboards with just a drag and drop.

Why Arka?

Easy to implement and Scale

Arka is built with a purpose of bringing in simplicity. Arka’s implementation doesn’t take you year’s with millions spent on implementation without any guarantee of ROI. Arka is very easy to implement and is intuitive. You will be up and running within days and your staff will love it for its simplicity.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Arka Automates more than 80% of clerical accounting tasks. Our customers have reported that after implementation of Arka, their entire operations is smooth and up to 30% of operations team’s time is freed up and customer grievances on returns, delayed deliveries and other operational inconveniences have reduced by 80%.


Arka is built on Salesforce’s Platform and is highly secure.Arka is 100% native application on Salesforce and all data is stored in Salesforce’s cloud platform.Salesforce’s Platform is highly customizable and agile. Application’s functionalities can be customized to suite your requirements. Arka doesn’t store anything outside of Salesforce.