Sourcing & Procurement

  • With Arka’s insightful reports, you always have answers to key questions of procurement :
           What to procure ?
           How much to procure ?
           From whom to procure ?
  • With Arka’s real time inventory tracking, you will know which product is running out of stock and at what inventory level to re order the product.
  • Arka also lets you to assess each of your suppliers on various parameters such as average order to delivery time, material return percentage, instances of nonadherence to delivery by date and many other important insights in to suppliers.
  • With these data points available at finger tips, your procurement team can really fly,making sure you are never under or over stocked.


  • Every penny that is spent on business is accounted immediately and allocated to appropriate product or activity on which the expenditure took place.
  • When production takes place, all input costs are accurately combined together to arrive at exact costing of your output products.
  • With Arka, you know your Margins on every product very accurately, all the time, on the move.
  • Allocating service costs to products is just a click of a process.

Inventory Control

  • Arka supports multi location inventory tracking. You can equip your store manager with digital recording of every material inbounds and outbounds in each of your locations.
  • With Arka, complete accountability for inventories of the business is established with minimal process hassles.


  • You can set up Bill of Materials for your assembly products and even account for various services that goes in to production of a product.
  • Assemblies in Arka are very simple and can be recorded with just a few clicks or you can even setup automated recording of assemblies against out bound of assembly products.Arka also supports batch tracking enabling 100% traceability.

Sales & fulfilment

  • Your sales process can start with confirming a sales order which will create a packing list with update on product availability status.Then goods are packed and shipped which will get recorded digitally with a few clicks.
  • You can equip your delivery team with list of packages to be delivered to various addresses and on delivery a confirmation of the acceptance or rejection of the product by the customer. Rejected packages are tracked back to the originating fulfilment centers.
  • Arka supports both Order & Deliveryand retail sales model.

Returns Management and after sale services

  • In the modern day commerce, to win the competition, it is extremely important that you manage customer returns seamlessly and provide great after sale services.
  • Your customer can buy online and return in stores. Or you can arrange for a return pick up of products purchased from a store. or customer can buy in one store and return in any other store. Also customers can make in store online purchases and request a delivery to home. or customer can demand many other combinations of conveniences and you can not afford to loose customers. This level of flexibility is possible only when your back end fulfillment infrastructure is supported by a solid software like Arka.
  • With Arka, you can manage customer returns like a breeze. Arka supports buy anywhere and return anywhere infrastructure.

Accounting Automation

  • It might be your present experience that you are running a big accounting team who always seems to be extremely burdened with work stretching their days regularly but despite all of this will fail to deliver the reports that management needs in time without errors.
  • Solution to the problem lies in automating all of the accounting tasks. Arka automates almost all of the clerical accounting jobs freeing up valuable resources who can focus more on value added service like recoveries from customers.
  • Some of the Automations that Arka does is:
  • Automated journal entries for inventories written off.
  • Auto creation of invoices against orders packed.
  • Auto creation of Credit Memos (Supplier Credits) to the supplier as soon as products are returned.
  • Three way matching of Purchase Order, Material Inbound and Billed quantities and price.
  • Auto creation of Credit Notes to the customers when products are returned from the customers.
  • Auto creation of Assemblies against the products sold based on the specified Bill of Material.

Integration with QuickBooks

  • For financial accounting, Arka integrates with QuickBooks Online.Arka does all the accounting entries in QuickBooks automatically.
  • Arka supports both Order & Delivery retail sales model.

Organization specific customizations

  • Despite all of these functionalities, we understand that every business is unique and customizations are required. So we support client specific customizations.