CPAs & Chartered Accountants are true backbone of Arka’s eco system.

Growing Partnership

CPA’s and Chartered Accountants in partnership with Arka add great value to their client’s business by bringing in digital transformation in the business.

  • Access & manage client’s business from anywhere any time .
  • Reduce workload on your staff through automations .
  • Reduce errors & duplication through system driven approach .
  • Build custom reports & dashboards giving greater business insights.

IT Solutions consulting and business process re-engineering are lucrative areas of practice and you can reap great benefits by offering Arka’s innovative product suites to the customers.

Arka’s partners have the potential to reach out to a global client base and grow their business world-wide.

Become Partner

Partners, What they say about us.

We are a big fan of Arka. I think no other software, at least in India, is providing the kind of features and flexibility Arka brings to table. We have implemented Arka with many of our customers.Cloud and mobile features is helping us to stay up to date and provide them with timely advice.

CA Ganesha & Associates
Chartered Accountants

Arka helped us to bring true value to the customers business. It is very simple yet very powerful application. Arka helped us to win customer loyalty and our clients are no more looking at us as just accounting clerks but as true advisers who can bring real value to their business.

Desai & Company
Chartered Accountants

With Arka, entire business model of our client has transformed. Arka is helping us to take accounting outsourcing contracts even for manufacturing companies. Accounting automations reduced our load a lot.

M/s Nair & Co.
Chartered Accountants

Arka has solved the biggest problem of inventory and bill of material which QuickBooks alone could not solve. QuickBooks plus Arka is helping our firm to move completely to cloud technology and client co-ordination have become lot more easy now.

Fisher & Company
Chartered Accountants