Case Studies

Claystation Art Studio Private Limited

Client is a midsize e-commerce startup making online sales through its shopify store and also having physical presence in two locations including an inhouse manufacturing facility.

  • Client : Claystation Art Studio Private Limited
  • Segment : B2B & B2C
  • Existing System : Zoho Books
  • Industry : Manufacturing & E-Commerce of machines & materials used in clay industry
  • Website :


There was a disconnect between company’s operations and its books of accounts due to which books of accounts were never up to date.

Due to non-availability of accurate inventory data, inventory availability was wrongly updated to shopify online store resulting in loosing potential sales.

Per unit cost of production was not available for products produced in its in-house manufacturing facility resulting in incorrect pricing decisions.

Inability in the existing system to allocate cost of services like import duty, labor cost etc to inventories resulting in reflection of wrong inventory value and corresponding Cost of Goods Sold.


With Arka’s implementation, company's operations is digitized and inventory accounting is automated.

Arka created a mechanism where actual work-flow is always accompanied with a digital work flow. Eg. When material comes in to factory, immediately it will get recorded digitally with just a couple of taps on mobile and then when material moves to production, production is recorded immediately. Flow of information is real time along with the movement of physical goods.

Arka customized reports & dashboard as per the company’s informational requirements.

Arka’s service cost allocation feature helped to allocate import duty, labor cost etc to inventories.

Inventory data is made real time for every location.


Companies books of accounts is always up to date giving better business insights to the management.

Company has a real time inventory data and company is no more losing any sales. It has boosted company’s online sales.

Accurate per unit cost of products is helping the management in taking right product pricing decisions increasing the profitability by at least 10%.

Allocation of service cost to product is helping company to understand the cost structure better and negotiate with the suppliers or switch supplier for better cost efficiency resulting in substantial cost savings.