Case Studies

Nosh Foods

Client is a food processing unit having operations in 3 location in three different states of India. They process pulses, edible oil and many other food items, packing in retail quantities and selling under their own brand.

  • Client : Nosh Foods
  • Segment : Food Industry
  • Existing System : Tally ERP 9


Company needed to create batch number for each of its products and print label. Auto creating the batch number and creating a label with the details of batch number, manufacturing date, expiry date, food license number was not possible in the existing system

Company was facing the problem of bad deliveries due to shipment of wrong products against the customer orders.

Company was not able to track wastages in production and compare it with normal or abnormal levels to escalate it to suppliers.

It was very difficult to track inventories across different locations resulting in high level of inventory carrying costs.

Accounting reports were never up to date and were always had lot of errors.


Arka’s auto create batch number and label printing features solved the problem of batch tracking. Now company is fully compliant with the food safety regulations having complete traceability.

Barcoding is introduced with Arka’s implementation. Now with Barcoding and staging feature of Arka, company is ensuring that always the product ordered by the customer and the product being packed for delivery is matching. This has completely removed the problem of bad deliveries.

Company is able to track production losses by setting up standard consumption rate and comparing it with the actual consumption through Bill of Material feature in Arka.

Accounting automation has helped company to reduce errors in accounting and keep accounting up to date with the operations.


Company is 100% compliant with the food safety regulations prescribed by the Government.

With tight control on production, production loss have been reduced by 30%.

Inventory carrying costs is reduced by around 40% by ordering goods rightly on time avoiding overstocking and wastage.