Case Studies

Gessmann India Private Limited

Client is a subsidiary of German based manufacturer of industrial controllers. Company imports many parts and also carries out manufacturing activities in its plant located in India.

  • Client : Gessmann India Private Limited
  • Segment : Engineering Goods
  • Existing System : Tally
 ERP 9
  • Website :


Every product of the company comes with a part number. When an order is received, its very crucial for the sales & production teams to know which part numbers are available and which part numbers are to be re-ordered. No such data was available in the present system.

A final kit consisting of various part numbers have to be built using Bill of Material.

Company needed a digital approval system for purchase orders and work orders.

Books of accounts was maintained in the office of company’s auditors. Auditors had to get all the information from company to update books of accounts and company had to ask auditors every time when the management needs a financial statement. This co-ordination work was tedious and time consuming resulting in inefficiencies.


Arka’s inventory by part number feature helped the company to see, at any time, which part numbers are available in the inventory and which are out of stock.

Through the Bill of Material set up in Arka, company was able to record its production accurately.

Now purchase order and work orders can be sent for the approval of the manager directly from Arka. An email is triggered to the manager and manager can approve it,creating clear record of when it is sent for approval and when and who had approved it without requiring any physical files to be maintained.

Moving to cloud has helped the company and its auditor for better co-ordination and real time data sharing resulting in time savings for both auditors and the company.


Time between a customer order and the corresponding replenishment orders for unavailable part numbers has reduced by 70% due to availability of ready information about the inventory of part numbers resulting in faster fulfilments.

Digital approval process flows have helped company to become paper free.

Errors in the financial reports is reduced by 80% due to real time data sharing between accountants and the company.

With proper bill of material, company now has accurate information of its total cost on every order delivered resulting in better financial decisions.